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Original date – April 7th 2011. 

 Little story behind this: So I got my first installment of my student money and before then I hadn’t used any products at all. I heard gal’s on forums and Facebook pages talking about GVN and how much some of them liked it, so I took the plunge and got it…

The packaging/claims/instructions:

Excerpt from Giovanni Cosmetics;

Pump up your style. This leave-in treatment repairs to help plump up each strand for undeniable thickness that lasts.
  • Restores strength, luster and nourishment to abused hair
  • Moisturizes and builds body
  • Detangles for easy comb-out, easy styling
Excerpt from Love Lula;
Recommended for moisturising & volumising conditioner 
  • Restores strength, lustre and nourishment to abused hair.
  • Moisturises and builds body. Detangles for easy comb-out, easy styling.

To create condition and style, you need to go direct to the source. Direct Leave-in Conditioner goes directly into each hair to provide both. This leave-in treatment repairs hair as you go through the day. It also has the added benefit of plumping up each repaired hair so that it feels thicker. More bodified. This conditioner infuses each individual hair with proteins. Pumps it up. Goes directly to style.

To use Apply to damp hair and comb through to distribute evenly. Do not rinse out. Air dry or blow dry for body.
Aqua (purified water) with **Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, *rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) oil, *nettle (Uritica dioica) oil, *thyme (Thymus vulagris) oil, birch leaf (Butela alba) oil, *chamomile (Anthemis nobilus flower) oil, *clary (Salvia sclarea), *lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), *coltsfoot leaf (Tussilago farfara), *yarrow (Achillea millefolium) oil, *mallow (Malva sylvestris), *horsetail (Equistetum arvense) oil, *soybean protein (Glycine soja), cetyl alcohol (plant derived), tocopherol (vitamin E), panthenol (pro vitamin B5), trace minerals, citric acid (corn), phenoxyethanol, grapefruit seed (citrus derived), fragrance from essential oils.
  *certified organic 

£6.39 at SkinNutrition UK

How I used it:
I used it as a leave in but also as a detangler on a few occasions. I would simply squeeze the product in my hair (about a size of a 2p coin) and then work it into my hair.

My thoughts and opinion: 

Pros – Keeps hair moisturised, keeps hair soft, little goes a long way, affordable price
Cons – Not so long lasting, the consistency, doesn’t give enough slip for detangling, leaves residue (in my hair), 

At first I liked it. I really did like it. The smell was refreshing, nothing special though. I liked the consistency at first and that it kept my hair moisturised for a few hours. But after weeks and weeks of using it I grew to just… not like it so much anymore. I’ll say why. First of, the consistency of it when I rub the product in my hands… it wasn’t a consistency I liked. It’s not creamy but it’s not a hard consistency either. It’s kind of like a paste, but a lighter version of a paste. Then it was applying it in my hair. It would leave residue and product in my hair and I wasn’t too keen on that. I had to rub it in really well for it to just disappear. The Direct Leave-In also didn’t give my hair enough slip for detangling. I still have the Direct Leave-In and I do use it seldom but I’ve fallen in love with Bee Mine Lovely Daily Con. I’m not big on this product. I won’t purchase this conditioner again, but the plus side is the ingredients and also the price. It’s quite affordable.